Inspired by what football once was and what it could one day be again.

One madman, one dream: Bring football back to the fans.

The brainchild of Benjamin Underhouse CBE – Crazy Business Eccentric – his words, not ours, FASISAC has taken the small sided game and added a few sexy twists.

Underhouse loved football but he had become disillusioned by the ugly side of the modern game: greedy players rolling around on the floor like they’ve been shot, time wasting, rich teams dominating, disrespect for officials, diving and lack of player personalities.

So he carved into a golden tablet his 6 commandments of FASISAC that aim to combat those ills:

  1. Teams all have an equal opportunity in player and staff recruitment through the player and staff drafts.
  2. All players are given the same contract, they earn bonuses for wins and other achievements but their basic wage is the same*.
  3. No substitutes until half time. So if you’re injured, get on with it or go in goal**
  4. The clock is only running when the ball is in play so time wasting is pointless.
  5. Players who disrespect the referee are given a straight red card. When he’s wrong, he’s wrong, hard luck.
  6. Free kicks and a yellow card are awarded against players who roll around, scream or exaggerate contact even if there was a clear foul on them.

And so Underhouse hired scouts to scour the planet for the most agile goalkeepers, tactically astute defenders, skillful attackers and clinical strikers. Existing beach soccer, 7 a side, futsal and 11 a side teams were scouted and 32 players were signed on to FASISAC contracts ready for the big kick off in 2020.

*All players are employees of the league

The league is set up as a community business venture and all profits at year end are divided as:

  • 40% Community sport and social projects
  • 30% Player and staff bonuses
  • 20% Marketing and development of the sport
  • 10% Savings and investments for a rainy day

**An independent physio can be called on to assess genuine injury concerns and will always protect the health of the players. If a player cannot continue, a youth player not affiliated with either team can deputise for the remainder of the half.


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