There are 32 players signed to contracts in the FASISAC roster. Here you can find out a little more about these players who are changing the football landscape.

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Nickname: Chui (leopard)

Country: Tanzania

Age: 20

Bio: A born finisher according to pretty much anyone who’s coached him. Hailing from Arusha, Tanzania, he grew up playing on dirt pitches with whatever round objects his friends could put together ‘We used to collect plastic bags and elastic bands, those balls were the best but they fell apart so quickly. We didn’t care, we just wanted to run and play with our friends’.

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Lenny McGee

Nickname: Mac Attack

Country: Ireland

Age: 28

Bio: A freestyler who achieved social media fame when busking in Dublin. His speciality was lying on the floor appearing to be sleeping under rubbish with an empty bottle of vodka in one hand whilst keeping a ball in the air. A true entertainer.

Fun fact: His drunk freestyler routine is ironic as Lenny is in fact teetotal.


Kuuku Akua

Nickname: G’Joob (I am the Walrus)

Country: Ghana

Age: 29

Bio: A dominant defensive player whose incredible reading of the game has had him called variously: ‘the Ghanaian Bobby Moore’, ‘the Ghanaian Gaetano Scirea’ and ‘the Ghanaian Lewis Dunk’ – though the last one was after a particularly messy own goal.

Fun fact: Kuuku says to his team mates in a huddle before every game ‘Pretend like the ball is a big smiley face that gets thrills from being next to your feet’.


Diogo Duarte Malo

Nickname: Dingo

Country: Brazil

Age: 24

Bio: After a mistake by a teacher reading his name at school Diogo became Dingo and it has stuck ever since.

Fun fact: Dingo has never been to Australia.


Santiago Medina

Nickname: Grandad

Country: Argentina

Age: 39

Bio: Played youth football and a handfull of first team games at Boca Juniors from 1999-2002 following in the footsteps of Juan Roman Riquelme, Carlos Tevez and Walter Samuel. A classy defender who loves to bring the ball out of defence and start attacks.

Fun fact: Is actually a Grandad.


Boris Karlov

Nickname: The Silent Giant. The Monobrow Monster (but never to his face)

Country: Russia – though no-one has ever seen a birth certificate.

Age: Unknown

Bio: Raised by bears in Siberia? It’s probably a rumour but as Mr Karlov speaks so little this is the story that we’ll have to go with. What we do know is that he is a dominant goalkeeper who spreads his body so well in one on ones that strikers have been known to ask for bigger goals when playing against him.


Jeronimo Rojas

Nickname: You don’t need a nickname when your first name is Jeronimo!

Country: Colombia

Age: 34

Bio: Younger brother Tito Rojas was close to a FASISAC contract until he was kicked out of the training camp after a bar fight on a night out. Some sources say that Tito took a bullet for his brother and that it was Jeronimo who should have been sent packing.

Fun fact: Used to be a bingo caller.

Mickey McKenzie

Mickey McKenzie

Nickname: (Mick Mack) Paddy Whack

Country: Jamaica

Age: 24

Bio: Began his career as a teenager with Portmore United in St Catherine’s, Jamaica before moving to England where he had a spell with Leeds United before moving to USA and playing college soccer for North Carolina.

Fun fact: Has 4 sisters 2 of whom also played college soccer.

028Cuthbert Digby

Nickname: Kid Canuck

Country: Canada

Age: 21

Bio: Young solid defender with a big future. He turned down two MLS contracts to join FASISAC having been sold on the format by the founder Benjamin Underhouse after he rode into Digby’s parents’ farm on horse back.

Fun fact: Plays drums in a Finger Eleven tribute band.

026Louis Brix

Nickname: Le Chameau (the camel)

Country: Switzerland

Age: 30

Bio: Mr versatile, nicknamed the camel because he is often considered the water carrier for his teams. His tactical flexibility and work rate mean he has forged a reputation far exceeding his natural talents.


Dante Franco

Nickname: The Inferno

Country: Spain

Age: 27

Bio: A futsal star as a youth player, his tricks and flicks make him a real crowd pleaser. His tracking back and tackling have pleased coaches and managers somewhat less.


Harry Lewis

Nickname: Vogue

Country: England

Age: 22

Bio: At 18 he chose a career in modeling over a contract with Shrewsbury Town. A decision he says he regrets after finding the fashion world ‘Grotesque and shallow’. He was quite successful as the face (and bottom) of Sergio Giorgini underwear. ‘It’s easy to see it now, I was selling my soul, but when someone dangles a load of money in front of you to wear their underpants you justify it as a worthwhile job – I would tell myself, “people need good underpants”. And so I did that for two years and missed my chance with Shrewsbury. ‘I feel blessed that this has come along and given me another chance of making a career in football.


Ragip Asik

Nickname: Koca bebek, Sayko, Kova (from his unsuccessful childhood days as a  goalkeeper)

Country: Turkey

Age: 32

Bio: A great character who loves practical jokes, once filled a team-mates’ boots with cookie dough and then proceeded to gleefully eat the dough straight from the boot.

Fun fact: Father of 5 children, all boys.